Thursday, 29 March 2012

Crazy Colours - Tutorial

Crazy Colours. 

Since i found these babies i've loved them! They are brilliant. I thought i would put a few colours in my hair tonight and saw this as a good opportunity to show anyone who isn't sure how they work. 
You can buy these from most markets, and one off beauty/hair stores, a shop called 'Pulp' sell them and of course you can get them online (usually cheaper) I get them from Amazon. 
Please note : these work better on blonde hair.

Step 1-

Gather the hair you wish to dye. Wash it so it is damp, ( i just rinse it under the tap)

Step 2-

Apply the dye to the hair.


I have done mine multi coloured to experiment and as my hair is long an wavy, i did random bits from the under layers. 
You can also mix the dye with conditioner to tone it down to the colour you like. 
Leave in for around 15 mins, depending on how bright you want it! 
You can mix the colours or do half and half ect.. 

Remember, these dyes are wash in, wash out. So don't be afraid! Go for it :)

Step 3- 

Wash out with your normal shampoo and conditioner, and dry and style as you wish. 

I dry my hair up side down for more volume :)

Heres how mind turned out :)

I hope you like it! Let me know if you have tried any out id love to see your posts :).

Also i took pictures of my shorts that arrived in the post today :) Very summery! 
They are from Ark Clothing

Lots of love to you all,



  1. Looks gorgeous, it looks so pretty with just a few bits done. x

  2. OMG it looks soooo nice!
    Your blos is beautiful go on

    check out my blog :)

  3. That turned out absolutely gorgeous! x

  4. the pink looks amazing! think im going to buy it and have a go at dip dying my hair, glad I found this review! :)Btw i'm having a small giveaway on my blog including some elf goodies and eldora lashes, its ending soon! xx

  5. Thanks! I really fancy some lavender or pastel blue dip dye at the ends of my hair!

    Lea x

  6. I've tried Crazy Colour before but it didnt seem to work on my hair I was really dissapointed :( and I only put it on my blonde tips so thought it would work! You will have to help me out next time! Amy x

    1. Ohh i find the brightest colours always work best, and leaving them on for longer too! You should try again! xxxx

  7. Ooh, looks superb! I've been contemplating trying something similar to this for a while but because i have dark hair i don't think it will be as effective as how yours has turned out. Such a great look for Summer :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  8. That looks good!
    I read that you study fashion design... Me too :) At which institute are you study??
    xoxo from Munich

    1. Thanks hun
      Northampton University :) xx

  9. wow you look so nice LIKE your blog hun !! :*

    do you want to follow each other?

    xoxo Esra

    My Beautyworld

  10. I want to try this so bad but i have black hair whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! not fair :( I need to wait until my hair is stripped and I cant afford it at the moment. sucks. Also you're blog is so lovely :)

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  11. love the hair and super cute shorts! x

  12. wow your hair looks so good! I wish I had blonde hair so i could do this xxx

  13. Oh I love this, the pink has come out really nice :)


  14. I love blonde hair pastel dipped ! Looks super .

    I got a ColorBug to do mine

    Like your blog



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