Thursday, 19 April 2012

A little beauty post

Here are some lovely new beauty products i have brought lately. 

Only been using it a few days so far, and i have noticed my teeth are more sensitive! So i'm not sure whether to continue using it.
But i really want my teeth to be a few shades whiter, i drink too much tea!

I bought this tinted moisturiser because my skin has got a lot better over the past year and i want something lighter than foundation. And this tinted moisturiser is SPF20 and gives a good coverage. It also comes with a concealer which i use for dark circles under my eyes and blemishes.
Great product.

I've seen a few blog posts about Models Own new nail varnish collection. This is the ' Indian Ocean ' shade NP133.
Its such a beautiful combination of colour!

I also picked up this Models Own lipstick.

So i have been getting acrylic nails for a long time now, and i keep getting them infilled. 
But this month i just can't afford it!:(
So i had no option but to take this matter into my own hands, 
they had grown out so much and were starting to lift.
(becoming painful)

You can use pure Acetone or a nail varnish remover which has Acetone in it,
You get a bowl of hot water and another with the Acetone in.

And leave to soak. 

I then filed and painted them! :)

OPI Base and Top coat,
OPI Pink Friday (by Nicki Minaj) NL N16
And the Models Own Indian Ocean. 

I put the pink on and the Models own on top so the pink comes through. 

What do you think? 

Emily xx



  1. I love the colour you have in your nail - violet. Great fancy set.

    Ties | Bow Ties | Cufflinks | Tie Rack

  2. Wow that Indian Ocean shade is beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous nails! :)

  4. I need some models own nail polishes!

  5. your nails look so glamorous<3

  6. I absolutely LOVE the look of that models of Indian ocean colour, so pretty

    Rianna xxx

  7. These nails are amazing!

  8. amazing nails :)

  9. I now need that ModelsOwn polish ! Looks lush . Great post : ]


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