Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Out of sight, out of mind...

I was casually doing my weekly browse on Topshop's 'New in this week' and saw this dress on the first page. I was quite pleased when clearing out my wardrobe to come across my very similar version. 
I wore it for a night out when i was about eighteen and its been shoved at the back of my wardrobe ever since. 
Being a penniless student has made me really appreciate my old clothes, 
It just shows that we shouldn't chuck and sell everything after wearing it once because a few years down the line it feels like a brand new dress ! Out of sight out of mind ;) 

Another good tip for appreciating your old rags and creating space in your wardrobe, do a seasonal bin bag. 
Sounds very strange but its something my mum has always made me do since i was young. 
As soon as spring hits and it feels unacceptable to wear your thermals, store them in a bin bag in the loft, and grab your bag of bikinis, summer dresses and hot pants! 
When you get your old things out and have a rummage you get that 'ahh i forgot i had this' moment and find a sincere appreciation for not chucking things away and buying a whole new wardrobe. 

Current Topshop dress - £45

My dress - New look about 2 years ago
Cant remember a price about £20-£30




  1. I love your dress' lace sleeve!
    I'm all for renewal of fashion!!!

    Fancy checking out my new post?

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo


  2. Really nice dress!
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