Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Clothessss

Wowwwieee i am feeling brown.
Today i went fishing with my boyfriend... in other words, he was fishing i was sunbathing.!
It was really fun i haven't been fishing since i was young with my dad.
So i have my base tan complete for my holiday! 

Anyway about my outfit... 
Yesterday i had uni all day, it was like a induction into our second year going through all the modules ect... Me and my friends sneaked off at lunch to the local vintage shop, i had never been and i was so shocked that Northampton of all places have the cutest vintage shop I've ever been to! And I've been to a lot !! 
I think it was so good because it wasn't a rip off and they had so much STUFFFF!
Loads and loads. 
Usually the london ones are just full of clothes and accessories, but this had so much furniture and home decor! (which i prefer, I'm not really a vintage clothing girl)
They also had a vintage cafe and a hair salon! 

Anyway so i got these Levi shorts which i have never been attracted to before when the craze came about, but all my denim shorts are way to short and revealing and i found these were a much more respectable look. And for £18 thats not bad as i was gna buy a pair in Camden which weren't as nice, for £24. 
I also got this vest top for £3.99 in H&M and the earrings for £2.99. 
And my shoes were in the Topshop sale last summer. 

Oh yes and the ring and the CUTEEE pug toy were birthday presents my friends got me! aww :)

Oh and this is a fish we caught hahahahaa
had to put it on. 
Sorry if it creeps you out! 

Lots of love,



  1. Loving this outfit!!! Your tan looks gorgeous!:)

  2. Lovely pictures :) You look so pretty

  3. You're such a lovely colour and I need that ring in my life, its gorgeous. Also the fish, hahhaha. I scrolled down, then had to go back up to see if I was imagining it x

  4. I'm off on holiday in a couple weeks, wish I had your tan! My skin doesn't seem to tan, even when I sit out in the sun I just stay the same colour pretty much haha! xx

  5. Love the shorts and the vest! Can I have your tan too please?! xx

  6. Youve just reminded me that I need to get hold of some orange nail varnish... perfect colour for summer right?! love the outfit and your cute inner elbow tat! :) xxx

  7. Your tan is amaaaazing, so very jealous and love the shorts!!

  8. You look so summary, the turquoise ring is really nice, so is your tan!! xx

  9. Looking gorgeous dear! Love those earrings!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)

  10. those earrings are beautiful. this is such a nice summer outfit, nothing like tank top and shorts for a hot day. and that fish is hilarious! nice catch!


  11. Wow, super jealous of your tan! I love the pattern on your vest, it's really subtle but so pretty xxx

  12. pretty lips and love your very gorgeous summery look! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  13. Jealous of your tan!! Love the earrings. Now following.

  14. Great Blog! Newest follower :)

  15. Woow, such a great blog! I follow you now.:) You too?

  16. Love your ring. Looks pretty.

    Greetings from Germany ;)

  17. Oh, I love your outfit! Your top is beautiful!

  18. Looooove your makeup! Absolutely flawless!


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